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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions:Expr): Viewmask

Viewmask -- Use 1 image to mask multiple slices in any 3D view

usage: -expr viewmask RefImage viewplane [maskthresh flag slice0 nslices]

VIEWMASK applies a single mask image (REFIMAGE) to mask voxel values in multiple image planes along any axis (X,Y,Z).

The axis is specified by the VIEWPLANE argument as:

  • 0 - default Z axis
  • 1 - coronal
  • 2 - sagittal
  • 3 - axial

The REFIMAGE must have the same XY dimensions as the active data set in the selected VIEWPLANE.

MASKTHRESH can be used to specify the minimum “ON” value in REFIMAGE; the default is 1 (any nonzero value).


  • 0 - default; set values to zero where REFIMAGE is less than MASKTHRESH
  • 1 - invert the mask; keep values where REFIMAGE is greater than or equal to MASKTHRESH

SLICE0 and NSLICES can be used to apply the mask to only a subset of slices along the VIEWPLANE axis (default is all slices).

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