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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): glm

Design -- General Linear Model Statistics

usage: -glm [verbose] [flag] [designmtx] outname

GLM takes a design matrix (DESIGNMTX) as input to perform a general linear model
multiple regression analysis on the current 4-D image data set.
Depending on the FLAG option, the output may be a single data set or multiple data sets.

FLAG - specify processing options (combine options by adding values:

  • 1 - generate a beta map for each column in the DESIGNMTX
  • 2 - generate all beta maps together in a single 4-D output data set
  • 4 - generate a residual 4-D data set (the original data with all DESIGNMTX waveforms regressed out)

DESIGNMTX is the name of the design matrix, already loaded using the DESIGN or PHYSIO commands. If no valid matrix name is specified, the current active design matrix (most recently used in a DESIGN or PHYSIO command) will be used.

OUTNAME is the name prefix to use for all new data sets created by the GLM.

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