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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): group

Group -- Select grouping variable (for -mean -stdev -ttest -accumulate)

usage: -group grouptask maxgrps

This option allows you to specify how to group images together in the analysis. Normally, images are divided into bins for averaging and other statistical tests based on their task codes (see -reference options). The grouping option (-group) allows you to further separate images by subdividing those bins according to a grouping code.

  • GROUPTASK - Either you could separate the images in one task condition based on a second task code, as:
-group task2

You could also separate bins based on the phase of the cardiac cycle at which each image was collected, as:

-group cphase
  • MAXGRPS -When specified, the argument indicates how many different subgroups will be displayed when the statistical maps are shown on the screen.

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