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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): history

History -- Add file HIST to history; 0=omit history

usage: -history hist

Put HIST text in history, or omit history altogether.

fScan output files normally contain a 'history' in the file header. This history is a log of each processing step involved in producing the output file. Each time a new file is created the history records from the input file (or files) are copied to the new file, and the current processing command along with any relevant interactive parameters are appended. The result is intended to provide enough information to allow one to know exactly what that file contains and how it came to be. For binary data files in the DMOD format the history is a variable length record at the end of the file header. For TIFF files, the history includes a copy of the header description from the source file, as well as the processing command history; this is all stored together in the TIFF 'description' tag field.

The -history option provides some control over the output file's history record:

  • HIST = 0, No history is included in the output header.
  • HIST = filename, Where FILENAME is a text file; the entire text file is copied as an inclusion in the history record.

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