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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): query

Query --


-query “querystring” [FLG] name NAMESTR
-query “querystring” [FLG] code CODEVAL name NAMESTR
-query “querystring” [FLG] label LABELSTR name NAMESTR

–> find events (onset/duration) satisfying query
–> assign CODEVAL to events satisfying query
–> assign label to events satisfying query

QUERY references are used to create new reference timeseries out of other existing data. The new reference is identified by NAMESTR. Multiple query/code/label combinations can be strung together within a single -reference command to create a single NAMESTR time series. QUERY commands are processed as they are parsed, so any data referenced within the query string must exist and be unambiguously identified at that time. Named time series data references will be resolved using the following precedence hierarchy:

  1. existing loaded reference data (this includes WDF file pointers that have not yet been opened)
  2. named reference data linked to current active IO data (io→linkedfiles) If a linked file is a PDIGMFILE archive, this will search the archive.
  3. derived data associated with current IO data set (e.g. “motion”, “active”, “cphase”,…)
  4. external time series data file. E.g. an unresolved reference to “timing” will search the current directory, and other fScan directories (DSCANUSERHOME, FSCANHOME) for files named:

A full description of query syntax can be found at: ?

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