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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): reslice

Reslice -- Process each slice independently

-reslice [reference] reslice_file newname sliceflag
-reslice overlay newname sliceflag
-reslice transform newname sliceflag
-reslice nvoxels nx ny nz [nt] newname sliceflag
-reslice voxsize xres yres zres [tres] newname sliceflag

RESLICE generates a new data set by reslicing the current data set. If you specify a reference data set, as RESLICE_FILE, the new data set will have the dimensions of that reference data set, with every voxel transformed to the appropriate new locations for that slice orientation.

  • RESLICE_FILE - The INFILE images will be resliced in the same orientation as the RESLICE_FILE, and written to the dataset NEWNAME.


  • 1 - Interpolate pixel values (default)
  • 2 - Do not interpolate pixel values (default is usually interpolation)
  • 4 - reslice input to all timepoints in RESLICE_FILE; default is just 1 slice volume

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