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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): start

start -- Specify fScan one-time start-up options

usage: -start option [valueflag]

The START command is processed when fScan is started. It is used to specify how fScan runs and how it expects to receive subsequent command input. It can also be used to specify selected configuration parameters.

The OPTIONS are:

  • gui - run using the graphical user interface
  • client - run as a client with local display but commands processed on a remote server
  • server - run as a server; receive commands from, and send results to, remote client
  • daemon - run as a server daemon; fork new process for each new client connection
  • help
  • testing
  • port PORTNUM - specify client/server socket communication port
  • studies
  • config CONFIGFILE - specify configuration file
  • homedir DIRNAME - specify HOMEDIR
  • peek
  • nodisplay - suppress display output

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