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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 1 (CmdLineOptions): stats

stats -- Calculate mean, stdev, and count statistics

usage: -stats flag ioref nbins bin0 binsize

The STATS command calculates simple summary statistics for the current data set. This command works on images or similar data sets (not on surfaces). The summary statistics calculated include:

  • count
  • mean
  • stdev
  • min value
  • max value
  • zero values

Which voxels are included and which values are calculated can be controlled by the FLAG option (see below).

The meaning of the FLAG options are shown below (combine options by addition):

  • 1 - count voxels
  • 2 - mean intensity
  • 4 - intensity stdev
  • 010 - range (min and max values)
  • 020 - combine all time points (otherwise each T is separate)
  • 040 - accumulate (mean→sum, stdev→sumsq)
  • 0100 - only voxels above threshold (thresholds=BIN0 - (NBINS-1)*BINSIZE)
  • 0200 - generate intensity frequency distribution
  • 01000 - save results in XML file
  • 02000 - show all values (usually ignores alues near 0)
  • 04000 -

If a reference data set (IOREF) is specified, it will be used as a volume mask reference such that separate statistics are calculated for all voxels in the current data set that have the same voxel value in the reference data set. For example, if IOREF has 100 different regions (where each region is identified by a common voxel value), STATS will generate 100 different sets of summary values.

NBINS indicates how many ways the input data values should be binned.

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