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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): surface

Surface -- Create and manipulate 3-D surface data


  • -surface surffile –> open SURFFILE in new window – same as “-input surffile”
  • -surface same surffile –> open SURFFILE in same window as IO_IN
  • -surface create fname color imin imax flag dotsize –> create a new surface from images
  • -surface stereo
  • -surface buffer
  • -surface merge
  • -surface volume
  • -surface grow volname cnt flag gradient maxcurv wid –> grow surf using images in VOLNAME (if present)
  • -surface window
  • -surface join fname –> add fname to current surface
  • -surface join fname 2 –> add FNAME as second ('fast') surface
  • -surface reduce name flag –> make a new dataset by downsampling 3D data

paint, paintall, nocolor, newpaint, window, draw, align, append, nofast, grow

Surface files can be:

  • ASCII files created by the FreeSurfer utility MRIS_CONVERT (from Harvard MGH)
  • ASCII surface descriptor files (fScan format)
  • Binary surface data files (fScan DM format)
  • VTK binary surface data files (e.g. Medinria)
  • TRK binary fiber tracking data files (from DTK, TrackVis)

Obsolete Version 1 Surface cmd

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