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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): transform

Transform --


  • -transform flag refdata
  • -transform flag inloc outloc

This command performs spatial transformations of single points in space or between the entire current data set and some other data set.

If FLAG is missing or 0, the current data set will be transformed to match the spacing and orientation of the REFDATA data set.

The FLAG argument specifies what type of transformation to do. Rcognized values are:

FLAG:	0 - transform current data set to match REFDATASET 
      1 - transform INLOC voxel xyz to workspace -> OUTLOC 
      2 - transform INLOC workspace xyz to voxel -> OUTLOC 
      3 - transform INLOC window xyz to workspace -> OUTLOC 
      4 - transform INLOC workspace xyz to window -> OUTLOC 
        INLOC can be single value (loc #) or x,y,z triplet, 
        OUTLOC is new loc # 
    010 - set Z value of OUTLOC to 0 

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