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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): ttest

Ttest -- Generate t-test or simple threshold maps

usage: -ttest [verbose] [phase] conda condb refvarb outnam outtype thresh1 thresh2 flag

Normally, this performs a t-Test for each voxel comparing conditions CONDA minus CONDB in REFVARB. CONDA and CONDB can be specified as condition code values or as condition names (see the REFERENCE command). (Note: numbered conditions start with condition 1).

The input data set can be a functional 4-D image time series, or it can be 5-D “accumulated” mean and stdev time series (datatype=SUMSUMSQ) as created by the MOVIE ACCUMULATE command.

* REFVARB - One of the reference condition variables (see REF_CONDS below). The default task is 'task1'. 
* OUTNAM - Used to specifiy a data file in which to store the maps. 
* OUTTYPE - The pixel data type of the output file (OUT); default PTYPE is float. 
* THRESH1 - The starting threshold level X 100; default THRESH is 40 (i.e. 0.4).  

Note: If “verbose” appears immediately after TTEST, the command will display image sorting information before it executes.

If “phase” is included as the first argument (not counting “verbose”), a phase map will be generated in addition to the t-map. The phase map

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