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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): resize

Resize -- Expand or contract the size of a data set

-resize [flag] x0 y0 nx ny [name]
-resize [flag] x0 y0 z0 nx ny nz [name]
-resize [flag] x0 y0 z0 t0 nx ny nz nt [name]
-resize [flag] x0 y0 z0 t0 a0 nx ny nz nt na [name]
-resize [flag] x0 y0 z0 t0 a0 b0 nx ny nz nt na nb [name]
-resize AXIS offset size scale [AXIS2 offset2 size2 scale2] [name]
-resize name
-resize 0

The RESIZE command creates a new data set of a specified size that contains part or all of the input data set.

If the command starts with an uneven number of numerical arguments, the first argument is treated as a FLAG value.

FLAG: 0 - (default) fill new values with FILLVALUE (default FILLVALUE=0) 
      1 - When expanding, at end of orig data start again at beginning 
      2 - Same as 1 but add offset so that values match at transitions 
      3 - When expanding, at end of data continue filling in reverse data order				 
      4 - compress time series by omitting "inactive" volumes (i.e., volumes for which the "active" flag is 0). 

An even number of numerical arguments (after an optional FLAG argument) is assumed to be offset values, followed by length values for the axes X, Y, Z, T, A, B in that order. Missing ('-') origin (x0, y0, z0, t0, a0, b0) values are set to 0; missing or 0 size values (nx, ny, nz, nt, na, nb) are set to the maximum valid value for that dimension.

RESIZE dimensions can also be specified using the “AXIS offset size scale” format, where AXIS is a single character from the list “x,y,z,t,a,b” specifying which axis is being resized. OFFSET and SIZE are integers indicating the voxel offset and number of voxels to resize along that axis. The SCALE parameter is a magnification factor, indicating the size of an individual voxel along that axis, relative to the current size. By default, OFFSET is 0, SIZE is the current size, and SCALE is 1.0.

If the last argument is a text string, the resize name parameter is set to that string.

With no argumants, the current active block ROI is used to set the data set's resize parameters.
If there is no active block ROI, this command is ignored.

With a single argument of 0, the data's resize parameters are reset to the full data set.

NAME – if the last argument is text it is used as the new data set name (this may be preceded by an optional “name” label.) If NAME is not specified, the new data set will have the same name as the input, with “_resize” appended.

If any new dimension (including offset) is bigger than the original, then the data set is flagged as EXPANDING. New values added will be set to FILLVALUE; by default, FILLVALUE is 0 but this can be changed by specifying the word “value” as a command argument followed by a number argument to be used as FILLVALUE.

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