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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 7 (Hardware): ViewPoint

ViewPoint - Eye-tracking software by Arrington Research, Inc.

CIGAL can accept real-time eye-position data from the ViewPoint program running on a separate computer. ViewPoint is developed and sold by Arrington Research Inc.. Currently, CIGAL supports streaming eye-position data via a serial interface cable connection (COM port).

To use ViewPoint with CIGAL you must first start the eye-tracking software on its computer and adjust it so that it can track an eye image and calculate pupil position. To send data to CIGAL, do the following steps in the ViewPoint interface.

Initialize the communication connection, select the menu option:

 Interface -> Connect

The communication cable should already be connected to the COM1 port on that computer.

Next, you must tell ViewPoint to start sending data, by selecting the menu option:

 Interface -> Send streaming data

For testing purposes (when you don't have an ectual eye to track), you can have ViewPoint send test data by selecting the menu option:

 Interface -> Send test pattern

For more information on how to use CIGAL to read ViewPoint's streaming output, see CIGAL's hardware interface for the Eyetracker and its software description in Eyetracking.

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