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ShowPlay Reference Manual, Chapter 7 (Programs): eyecalmap

Eyecalmap -- Calculate and display eye calibration settings

usage: eyecalmap flag pdigmfile scalefact xyscale npts

EYECALMAP is a CIGAL macro program that displays the results of the Eyecalib command.

By default, EYECALMAP uses 2 tables (EYE_SCRPOS and EYE_EYEPOS) generated by Eyecalib (and stored in “eyecalib” data files) to calculate an affine transformation calibration matrix. That matrix is stored in the matrix variable, EYE_AFFINE.

EYECALMAP also displays the eye calibration results graphically on the screen. By default, it displays the rectangular grid of screen locations (in blue) that the subject looked at. It also displays the raw eye positions (in green), as received from the eye-tracking program (e.g. ViewPoint). It then the displays the calibrated eye positions (in red) based on the affine transformation calibration matrix. Ideally, the calibrated eye positions should exactly match the rectangular grid of original screen locations. The calibrated gaze path is also displayed (in yellow), which shows the relative motion of the eye as the subject performed the EYECALIB calibration.

The FLAG option lets you specify what EYECALMAP should do. FLAG option values are:

   1 - Display calibration
   2 - Load tables from pdigm file (PDIGMFILE if specified)
       (better to use the "eyecalib 24" option to reload eye_calib files)
   4 - Plot gaze path (EYEVALS data)
   8 - convert raw ViewPoint values (0-9999) to screen values
  16 - do not plot calibration eye positions
  32 - do not fit eyepos and scrpos to affine matrix
  64 - do not plot anything
 128 - pause between each display point

During display, press 'W' to save the display in image variable MM1

See Also:
Eyetracking, Eyetracker hardware, Eyecalib, Eyecalproc, Eyecalwks.

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