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ShowPlay Reference Manual, Chapter 7 (Programs): eyecalwks

Eyecalwks -- Read and write ViewPoint eye-tracking files

usage: eyecalwks Flag WKSfile EyeCalibFile [NewWKSfile] [scr_wid scr_hgt]

The EyeCalWKS command uses CIGAL options to read and write eye-position data stored in ViewPoint (.WKS) data files. Between reading and writing you can use the Eyecalproc command to calibrate and/or preprocess the eye data. Processed data can be saved in a new .WKS format file with the modified eye-position X/Y values.

The first argument (FLAG) to Eyecalwks controls what the command should do. The options are (combine by adding):

 FLAG: 1 - Load data from ViewPoint WKS file
       2 - Load calibration tables from calib file
       4 - apply calibration transform to eye-positions
       8 - scale eye-positions to screen size
      16 - Store processed data in new file

The second argument (WKSFile) is the name of the input file in ViewPoint WKS format. If you omit the file name (or enter '-' in its place) the command will prompt you to find the file in a browser window if you are loading data. If you are just saving data that you had loaded with an earlier EyeCalWks command, the earlier WKSFile name will be used if you omit that argument during the save command.

Loading data

When loading data from files you can explictly name the input files on the command line. If the file names are missing you will be prompted with an interactive browser window to identify the file.

The WKS file name is required when loading data.

The calibration file (produced by a CIGAL eye calibration command at the time the WKS file was being recorded) is optional. A filename is expected by default (either entered explicitly or via a browser window). If you don't have or need a calibration file you can specify 'none' for the EyeCalibFile on the command line. If you specify 'auto' the command will look for any file name of the form 'eyecalib_X' and use it automatically.

Storing data

To store data in a new WKS file you must have previously loaded the data from an existing WKS file (using the FLAG 1 option above). Loading and saving can occur within the same EyeCalWKS command, or be done in separate commands.

You have 3 options for how to name the new WKS file.
You can specify the NewWKSFile as:

   auto     - use the input file name (file.wks) to create the new name (file_calib.wks)
    xx      - provide a pop-up dialog for entering the new file name
newname.wks - specify the new filename explicitly

By default, the 'auto' option will be used.

To save data, the old file will be re-read and all text lines that do not begin with '10' will be copied to the new file exactly. Eye-position lines (those starting with '10') will be copied with the time, X, and Y position values replaced by the current values in the EYETIMES and EYEVALS tables.

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