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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): set pdigmfile

-set pdigmfile filename
-set pdigmfile
-set pdigmfile - browsematch

The SET PDIGMFILE command lets you link a behavioral file in CIGAL 'pdigm' format to the current data set as a “relatedfile”. Set PDIGMFILE is a special case of the SET LINKEDFILE command, equivalent to:
-set linkedfile pdigm filename


  • none - if no arguments are specified, fScan will attempt to locate the related pdigmfile automatically based on the current dataset name and the pdigmfile matching strings (pdigmnameformat) defined in the config.xml file
  • FILENAME - the name of the file to link – if omitted or '-', a file browsing window will appear
  • BROWSEMATCH - a file name matching string (Glob format) for filtering files in the browsing window (e.g. *.jpg)

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