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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): set linkedfile

-set linkedfile linktype filename
-set linkedfile linktype - browsematch

The SET LINKEDFILE command lets you link any other file to the current data set as a “relatedfile”. The LINKTYPE argument identifies what type of link this is. Some link-types are pre-defined with file formats recognized by fScan (pdigmfile, events, schedule, design, cardiac, respiration, physio). The set pdigmfile and set schedule commands are special cases of the SET LINKEDFILE command with features to facilitate linking those file types. Other standard file types or any user-defined file types can be linked using the LINKEDFILE command explicitly.


  • LINKTYPE - required user-defined name for this type of link (this is used to identify the type of file)
  • FILENAME - the name of the file to link – if omitted or '-', a file browsing window will appear
  • BROWSEMATCH - a file name matching string (Glob format) for filtering files in the browsing window (e.g. *.jpg)

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