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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): set schedule

-set schedule filename
-set schedule - browsematch

The SET SCHEDULE command lets you link task-timing schedule file(s) in FSL 3-column format to the current data set as a “relatedfile”. Set SCHEDULE is a special case of the SET LINKEDFILE command, approximately equivalent to:
-set linkedfile schedule filename


  • FILENAME - the name of the file to link – if omitted or '-', a file browsing window will appear
  • BROWSEMATCH - a file name matching string (Glob format) for filtering files in the browsing window (e.g. sch*). When browsing, multiple schedule files can be selected and linked to the same data set in a single operation.

Linked schedule files can be used by the Reference command to create a reference time course for use in image processing.

Naming convention for schedule files
Schedule file names are not required to follow any particular naming convention, but fScan recognizes 4 naming styles to help automatically extract condition names and to organize schedule lists into separate groups.
Schedule files can be organized in groups to allow the events for a task to be separated in different ways. Within a group, events should not overlap in time. Schedule groups can be specified by either a number or a single letter.
The 4 recognized naming conventions are:

   schT_NAME           where T is any text not including '_' 
   schXG_NAME          where G is a single letter and X is a number 
   sch_G_NAME          where G is a number or a single letter 
   sch_TG_NAME         where G is a number and T is any text not including '_' 

In each case, NAME will be used as the condition name (removing “.txt” if it is part of the file name).
If the file name is one of the forms with a group identifier (G), fScan will assume that multiple files have been organized into different analysis groups so that the task timing can be analyzed in different ways (in separate processing runs).

In general, it is better not to mix naming conventions for schedule files linked to the same data set as this could lead to confusion.
If schedule files are organized in analysis groups the group should be specified explicitly when using the '-ref schedule' command. If using one of the single letter naming conventions (e.g. sch6a_… or sch_b_…) only the 'a' group would be included by default when using the -reference schedule command.

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