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fMRI Methods Journal Club

One of our goals at BIAC for 2013 was to increase discussions and collaboration between affiliate labs. After discussions with several neuroimaging researchers in BIAC and CCN, we decided to organize a fMRI Methods Journal Club.

For this fall, we will be focusing on high-resolution imaging and associated analysis for brain activation and connectivity. We will have the first 3 talks focus on this, and the second 3 talks' topics will be determined as we continue into the fall semester.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Kate McCormick (

2013 Fall

For the Fall 2013 Semester, the fMRI Methods Journal Club meets on Tuesdays at 12pm.

  • September 24: Improving the spatial resolution of fMRI and DTI
    Dr. Nan-kuei Chen
  • October 29: Discussion regarding high resolution application
    Dr. Nan-kuei Chen and Dr. Allen Song
    • Location: MSRB001
      Lunch will be provided. Please bring your own drink.
  • November 5: Topic is TBD
  • November 12: Topic is TBD
  • December 3: Topic is TBD

Past Presentations

2013 Spring

One of our goals at BIAC for 2013 was to increase discussions and collaboration between affiliate labs. fMRI Methods Journal Club's participating labs have the opportunity to present interesting journal articles, discuss some of the newer methods related to our research here at Duke, and make an effort/plan to implement some of them. General topics to be discussed, include: DTI, uses for resting state analyses, physiological measures and de-noising the data, real-time fMRI, MVPA — just to name a few.

  • January 28: Dual Regression ICA
    Amanda Utevsky
    • Location: Hock Plaza #5104 (BIAC Conference Room)
      No recommended readings
  • February 18: Patient vs HC and Other Group Effect Complexities
    Elise Demeter, Raj Morey, & Emily Parks
    • Location: MSRB001
      No recommended readings
  • February 25: Statistical Correction for Multiple Comparisons
    Lasana Harris' Lab
  • April 1: Resting State Analysis (overview)
    Ying-hui Chou
  • April 8: Resting State Analysis (practical applications)
    Guy Potter
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