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BIAC Image Analysis software

  • Processing Pipeline - Automated MRI data transfer and preprocessing software.
  • BXH/XCEDE tools - Series of tools for describing imaging data (including bxh_eventstats)
  • fScan - fMRI visualization and analysis.
    • Working with MATLAB - A brief overview of how to use MATLAB, including basic syntax, working with variables, and using scripts, functions, and programs.
    • showsrs2 - Matlab tool for viewing of fMRI data.
    • Tstatprofile - Matlab function for event-related fMRI data (deprecated in favor of bxheventstats).

BIAC support for other imaging software packages

  • SPM - Statistical Parametric Mapping software from the University of London
  • FreeSurfer - Cortical surface reconstruction software from Harvard University
  • FSL - Statistical analysis software from Oxford University
  • DTIPrep - DTI QA and preprocessing software from NRRD
  • DTK - Diffusion ToolKit for DTI analysis from Harvard
  • MEDInria - DTI analysis from France

Other Analysis software

Eyetracking analysis

Resting State Methods

Structural Connectome Methods

TOPUP Correction

Useful Guides


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