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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 8 (Macros): Macro commands

Chapter 8 -- Contents

Programs written in the CIGAL language are referred to as CIGAL macro commands, because they typically combine many simpler CIGAL commands to create new commands. CIGAL macros can be either simple text scripts or they can be scripts that have been precompiled. Although precompiling used to produce faster macros, as the program has become more efficient and computers have gotten faster, precompiling CIGAL macros is now rarely necessary and is not recommended.

CIGAL macro programs are called just like other CIGAL commands, simply by giving the name of the macro followed by any optional arguments. By convention, most macro commands will display a help message if you simply enter the command name without any arguments.

Commonly used macro programs:

ShowplayRun a behavioral task using a paradigm parameter file
EyecalibCalibrate the eye-tracker hardware interface
EyecalmapCalculate and display eye calibration settings
EyecalprocProcess eye-tracking data
EyecalwksRead and write ViewPoint eye-tracking files
PdlogDisplay the event log from a real-time paradigm
BaseDisplay an integer using different number bases

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