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BIAC Documentation

BIAC Basics

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  • Pulse Sequences - BIAC supported pulse sequences with help for deciding which one to use.
  • Paradigm control - BIAC supported software for fMRI behavioral control.
  • Analysis - Software tools for image analysis and visualization
  • Pipeline - BIAC software for automated image reconstruction, reformat, and transfer to experiment storage
  • Computer network - Remote Access to BIAC files and computers



  • Account Requests - Request computer accounts for BIAC systems.
  • Account Passwords - How to change your password for various computer accounts
  • Tech Instructions - A list of roles and responsibilities for the tech before/after/during a scan.
  • Troubleshooting - A step-by-step approach to resolving common hardware and software problems.
  • Exam Tracker - Lets users track individual exams through the processing pipeline.
  • Course Wiki - Provides information about the hardware and programs used in BIAC-sponsored courses.
  • Scheduling and Billing FAQs - Frequently asked questions regarding scheduling on the BIAC calendar and billing.
  • Subject Recruitment - Information regarding BIAC subject recruitment.
  • Subject Payment - Information regarding BIAC subject payment procedures.
  • Automated Backup/Mirroring - What BIAC backs up for you, and what we don't, plus suggestions on how to back up data yourself.
  • Scanner Access - Information regarding access to the scanners and the scanner suites.
  • Pilot Time - Information regarding how to request free time on the scanner (pilot time).
  • Getting Started - Getting your research project up and going at BIAC.
  • BIAC Front Office - Front Office Pages

BIAC Employee Resources

Individual Lab Groups (Internal Use Only)

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