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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 6 (RealTime):Description of REALTIME processor commands

Chapter 6 -- Contents

r_add Add two values together
r_adraw Draw the outline of an arc shaped wedge
r_afill Draw a filled arc shaped wedge
r_and Do a bitwise AND operation on two values
r_aread Read analog input channel(s)
r_arrow Draw an arrow on the screen
r_await Wait for an analog input value
r_awrite Write an analog output channel
r_bdraw Draw the outline of a box
r_bfill Draw a filled box
r_bmove Move a screen rectangle by an X-Y offset
r_bput Move a screen rectangle to an X-Y position
r_bread Read a rectangular image from a larger image
r_break Jump to the end of a R_REPEAT or R_SWITCH block
r_bset Move a box pointer to an X-Y position
r_bwrite Write a rectangular image into a larger image
r_case Target label for a R_SWITCH jump
r_cine Animate a series of images
r_clkon Turn on/off a real-time clock output
r_clkset Initialize real-time clock parameters
r_color Set the color code for drawing text and pixels
r_copy Copy data values between two variables
r_cursor Turn on/off the mouse cursor
r_div Divide one value by another
r_dread Read the digital input channel
r_dwait Wait for a digital input value
r_dwrite Write the digital output channel
r_edraw Draw the outline of an ellipse (or circle)
r_efill Draw a filled ellipse (or circle)
r_else Separator for IF-ELSE-ENDIF blocks of operations
r_end Identify the end of a R_REPEAT loop
r_endif Identify the end of an IF or R_ELSE block
r_erase Set all of the screen to a specified pixel value
r_eyepos Read current eye-position
r_fclose Close an open disk file
r_fft Perform a 1-D FFT on a data array
r_flicker Alternate rapidly between 2 images
r_flip Flip an image left to right or top to bottom
r_font Set the size, font, and mode for writing text
r_fopen Open a disk file for reading or writing
r_fork Start a new asynchronous command stream
r_fread Read data from a disk file
r_fseek Set a file pointer to a specified position
r_fwait Wait for a file I/O operation to terminate
r_fwrite Write data to a disk file
r_getxy Get the position of the mouse cursor
r_goto Jump to a specified R_LABEL operator
r_graph Plot a series of points on the screen
r_gtime Get the current clock time in counter units
r_ifand Do a bit-wise AND comparison of 2 short integers
r_ifeq Test whether 2 short integers are equal
r_ifgt Test whether 1 short integer is greater than another
r_iflt Test whether 1 short integer is less than another
r_incr Increment a variable's pointer by some number of bytes
r_label Specify the target of a R_GOTO operator
r_ldraw Draw a line
r_line - Draw a line segment
r_logval Enter a short integer value in the runlog
r_lut Change the screen display's color lookup table
r_mlut Change the screen's lookup table using a color map
r_movept Move a point by an X-Y offset
r_mult Multiply two values together
r_nowait Terminate pending wait operators
r_number Display a number as a text string on the screen
r_or Do a bitwise OR operation on two values
r_pause Suspend RT program execution temporarily
r_picture Display or load an formatted image
r_point Set the intensity value of a single screen pixel
r_put Put an integer value into an array
r_pread Read a value from an external port
r_pwrite Write a value to an external port
r_quit Terminate the active RT program
r_repeat Begin an asynchronous loop of repeated operations
r_reset Set a clock counter to 0
r_rgb Set the R-G-B color values for drawing text and pixels
r_runlog Seek to the beginning of the runlog variable
r_rwait Wait for the next vertical refresh
r_scaleScale an integer value
r_screen Select screen display
r_seek Set a variable's pointer to a specified position
r_set Copy the first integer value to a variable
r_setsweep Prepare a data variable for display using r_sweep
r_sound Play recorded sound data through the speakers
r_sread Read a box of image data from the screen
r_sreset Set both clock counters to 0
r_sub Subtract one value from another
r_sum Sum values in a variable
r_sweep Display an array of values as if on an oscilloscope
r_switch Jump to a block of operations depending on a data value
r_swrite Write a box of image data to the screen
r_synch Wait for active R_REPEAT loops or R_FORK blocks to finish
r_tell Report the current pointer position for a data variable
r_text Display a text string on the screen
r_tone Generate a tone sound
r_twait Wait for the next tick of the computer's 60Hz clock
r_uwait Wait for user input from the keyboard or mouse
r_vecadd Add (or subtract) vectors
r_vecmult Multiply (or divide) vectors
r_vwait Wait for a data variable to reach a specified value
r_word Display a single word from a string of text
r_wait Wait until a specified time

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